Looking Back and Looking Forward: My Journey Through the Last 10 Years


In this reflective blog post, I take a look back at the last decade of my life and the important lessons I've learned along the way. From experiencing the loss of my mother at a young age to navigating through the challenges of growing up, I've come to understand the value of time, the importance of making mistakes and learning from them, and the role of relationships in our lives.


Feb 16, 2023

Written by

Lanre Adeleye

I just turned 20, and I can't help but think about the past ten years of my life. For me, it feels really weird that ten years ago I was still in primary school and had no idea that I would be where I’m at today.

The decade started off with a huge loss for me - I lost my mum when I was only 8 years old. It was tough, and over the last decade I’ve been through a lot of therapy to help me deal with my emotions and come to terms with my loss.

I've learned a lot over the last ten years. One of the biggest things I've come to realise is that time is precious. Losing my mum at such a young age made me appreciate the time I have with the people I care about. I make sure to cherish every moment and let them know how much they mean to me.

I've also learned that mistakes are a part of life. I've made plenty of mistakes in the past — from being the notorious high school robber back in the day or sometimes fucking it up on the job, but I've come to understand that mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow. It's important to own up to them, reflect on what went wrong, and use that knowledge to make better decisions in the future. It’s all part of the journey.

Relationships are everything. I'm lucky to have supportive friends, family and work colleagues who have been there for me through a lot. They've been my source of strength and support, and I'm grateful for their love and companionship. I’ve met so many different people at different stages of my life, and each person has had a meaningful contribution to my life.

The last ten years have been full of changes, big and small. From graduating high school and 6th form and entering the workforce to moving to London and then deciding, “nah fuck that, imma move to Birmingham instead”, I've learned that change is inevitable. It's important to be adaptable and embrace new experiences, and sometimes get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Taking care of ourselves is important. I learned that self-care is essential to our well-being, both physically and mentally. Whether it's getting enough sleep (this is where I should practice what I preach), eating healthy, or doing things that make us happy, it's important to prioritise self-care, because you cannot pour from an empty jug and trust me on that — I know.

As I reflect on the last decade of my life, I'm grateful for the lessons I've learned. I've come a long way since I lost my mum, and I'm proud of the person I've become. I know that there will be challenges ahead, but I'm confident that I have the strength and resilience to face them head-on, thanks to the experiences and lessons of the last decade. So here’s to the next ten years!

BIG love,