Penguin, #TurnOffAndTurnInto


graphic design / art direction


Hannah Joseph
Laura Zuwa
Justyna Wilk


For Under 25s who are just starting out their careers or studying in university, stress levels are high. They’re having to commute to work or university, on top of balancing their social life. These Under 25s are already engaged with reading to an extent, but they turn to social media and scrolling as a distraction on their journeys to work, school or home. They want to swap social media and scrolling for books, the ultimate switch off tool. We were asked to come up with an OOH campaign that encourages Under 25s to swap scrolling time for book time that helps them escape to a different world.

Our campaign

We created a campaign dubbed #TurnOffAndTurnInto, a campaign concept created by Hannah, Laura, Justyna and myself. The main aim: harness the power of imagination and get people thinking about their own stories on their commutes on London's Transport and, in turn, thinking about Penguin's vast range of books  for all readers.  From random tube lovers to chicken nugget villians; we wanted to allow Penguin to supercharge the copy to fit different genres and authors they could offer.