bite back 2030,
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Bite Back 2030


Art Director


Nisha Mistry


In the UK over 800,000 children go without free school meals, despite living in poverty. Bite Back 2030 launched a petition calling on the government to extend free school meals to all children who are going without. With over a quarter of a million signatures, they handed their petition to Number 10 Downing Street, with a big bang.

My role

As the art director for Bite Back 2030's Free School Meal campaign, I was responsible for leading the design and setting the artistic direction for the out-of-home stunt. My role involved creating visual concepts and overseeing their execution, ensuring that they align with the campaign's message and goals. I collaborated closely with the campaigns team to bring the vision to life, producing high-impact designs that engaged and inspired the public. Through careful planning and attention to detail, I was able to create a cohesive and memorable visual identity for the campaign that successfully conveyed the importance of providing free school meals to children in need. This project showcases my ability to lead and drive creative projects, and demonstrates my expertise in concept development, visual storytelling, and art direction.


The Free School Meal campaign by Bite Back 2030 was a resounding success, making a significant impact and drawing attention to the importance of providing free meals to children in need. The out-of-home stunt was a key component of the campaign and played a significant role in raising awareness and driving public support. The bold and impactful designs generated buzz and sparked conversations, reaching a wide audience and inspiring action.

The results of the campaign were impressive, the out of home advertisements in Westminster were seen by an estimated 230,000 people. Bite Back 2030 also launched a targeted email campaign to the UK Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, and in the first week of the campaign over 2,000 people have sent an email asking him to extend free school meals. The campaign was widely praised for its creative and effective approach, and its impact continues to be felt.