BB2030 #DontHideWhatsInside


ux designer
webflow developer


Bite Back 2030
(Jamie Oliver Group)


Bite Back 2030 is a youth-led movement, founded by Jamie Oliver, on a mission to ensure all children have access to healthy nutritious food, no matter where they live.


The aim of the website was to shine a spotlight on the manipulative tactics companies use to con us into eating foods that are bad for our health and to also get the government to take action and introduce measures to end the use of health and nutrition claims on unhealthy products.

I built a custom made campaigning site that informed the public about the manipulation tactics, big companies are using to get them to buy their products. I built a campaigning tool that allowed users to email key decision makers, and support our movement.

The result

Over 1,500 people have taken action by emailing decision makers for the campaign. The site also got the attention of innocent, who Bite Back are now working with to protect the health of millions of children in the UK.