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SUCCESS at the #UKYP20 Annual Conference

September 13, 2020

This weekend was the 2020 UK Youth Parliament Annual Conference, the first to be held online. As Members of Youth Parliament, it is our job to represent our young people at events like these. Before I begin, I would like to commend the brilliant efforts of the Staff at the British Youth Council and the National Steering Group, the weekend wouldn’t have gone ahead without their brilliant efforts and attention to detail. So on behalf of Members of Youth Parliament across the nations, thank you!

I had the privilege to be able to speak on the motion fighting to provide equal access to mental health services in all schools across the nation. It’s an important issue that needs to be addressed. The motion was passed with a 93% majority! On behalf of Alex Kennedy, MYP for Manchester Central; Joeseph Ward, MYP for York and Ellie-Jo Taylor, Youth Parliament Candidate for Foyle, NI, thank you for every single MYP who voted in favour for the motion. You can watch & read my speech here. The work doesn’t stop here! We must all play our part, contact your local MP and speak to your schools, 70% of Young People of have issues with their mental health DO NOT receive help!

The governments system of dealing with mental health in children and teens is extremely corrupted, we are the future and if people keep being ignorant towards such a large factor in modern day society there will be barely of our generation left, I used to resort to really extreme measures that I don’t really want to go into. I’ve quit and relapsed countless times. My old school knew of this and did nothing but contact my parents about the situation. And that’s just me! There are millions of other children/teens out there who feel the same and aren’t getting the help necessary because the government don’t see it as a large issue. It’s people like you who’re trying to get this issue to be addressed and carefully looked over that give people like me hope that one day, we will actually be treated as equals among the others that the government think are more important.

– East Leeds Constituent

I was also given the opportunity to speak on the motion calling for a regulatory body to assess bereavement support services, a motion put forward by fellow MYP for Stockport, Alex Davies. I join him in thanking everyone who voted in favour of this motion. This motion is also important to me, having loss my mum just under a decade ago, I relied on the support given, which I know that isn’t the same for all. You can watch my speech below! You can read Alex’s press release here.

This weekend was a massive success and I am thankful for all my constituents for giving me the opportunity to represent them within the UK Youth Parliament.

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