Blog Post

2020 UKYP Conference

September 12, 2020

I am committed to ensuring everyone is included in everything I do. This is a transcript (and replay) of my 2020 BYC Annual Conference speech, talking about why we need to vote on the motion to provide better mental health services to young people.


According to ONS, 20% of children and young people suffer from a mental health problem, last year that figure stood at 10% but more alarmingly 70% of those young people do not receive help.

All young people should be able to access professional counselling in their school or college. Mental health provisions in most schools are currently non-existent and need to improve. A school-based provision would be easier for students to access.

There’s no denying, these last few months have been incredibly tough, coronavirus, lockdown, the stress of GCSE, A-Level and BTEC results. Making it more important for us to vote on this motion. Quoting Alex Davies MYP from Stockport, “CAHMS is stretched as it is”. The UK is suffering from a mental health crisis and the best way forward is providing equal access to all students and all young people across the country.

We have an obligation to consider this motion and if we don’t we will have blood on our hands, we must all do our part to create change and I’m counting on you guys to do so. Thank you.