A podcast talking about topics within the youth of today, ranging from knife crime to mental health awareness. This podcast aims to create change in our society and talk about how we can make a real difference in the wider community.

In 2015 the United Nations announced a radical plan to change the world.
Global leaders drew up a list of 17 "sustainable development goals" to create a blueprint for a better future. The goals cover things like gender equality, access to clean water, a good education and much more. Now, 17-year-olds from 17 different countries tell us what they think needs to be done.
Lanre Adeleye lives in a poor part of Leeds in the UK. He has spoken to teachers, other teenagers, the former UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and an influential member of Britain’s ruling Conservative Party, to find out why poverty still affects so many people in one of the world’s richest countries.
Project 17 is a unique collaboration between the BBC World Service and The Open University.

New to African music? Well, this podcast by Lanre Adeleye explores the vibrant sounds of African countries, such as Nigeria and Ghana. Co-hosted by individuals new to the genre of Afrobeats.

COVID & Young People is a project shedding light on the impact Coronavirus and Lockdown has had and will continue to have on young people across Britain. This project will have contributions from young people on their journeys through lockdown as well as hearing from industry experts about the way they believe Covid-19 has effected young people and ways the Government can help us move forward.